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WWOOF Netherlands 0020

Haarlo, Netherlands

Somewhere in the green eastern part of the Netherlands a monumental farmhouse is standing. In the yards the ch...


WWOOF Netherlands 0156

9141vc, Netherlands

We live in a small village at the Waddensea. A beautifull natural heritage of the Netherlands. We live in the ...


WWOOF Netherlands 0014

Lelystad, Netherlands

Vegetable and fruit farm: biodynamic! Small scale, lots of variation, lots to learn and lovely fresh food! Eve...


WWOOF Netherlands 0087

Wedde, Netherlands

Selfsufficient homestead.


WWOOF Netherlands 0191

Kaag, Netherlands

Dairyfarm with cheese- and butterproduction, cheeseshop and B&B.


WWOOF Netherlands 0012

Leusden, Netherlands

How about bamboo and Christmas trees grown in the Netherlands? Organic tree nursery needs your energy!


WWOOF Netherlands 0076

Dalen, Netherlands

At our Centre we save birds, especialy geese. All animals, birds aswell cats and dogs are saved from death. We...


WWOOF Netherlands 0172

Jubbega, Netherlands

Small scale goat farm with artisanal goat cheese production.


WWOOF Netherlands 0158

Smallebrugge , Netherlands

Ecologic farm in naturereserve on a island. Only to reach by boat! (30 meter) You can Stay in a caravan and e...


WWOOF Netherlands 0019

Sebaldeburen, Netherlands

Hello, For the spring and summer of 2017 we can use the help of wwoofers. The work is varied, tehe accomodat...


WWOOF Netherlands 0217

Groningen, Netherlands

Permaculture inn in the North of the Netherlands. We need help with building, hospitality, gardening, cooking ...


WWOOF Netherlands 0022

Ens, Netherlands

vegetable farm


WWOOF Netherlands 0137

Oldekerk, Netherlands

The Zwijnenburcht is an old farmhouse and about 100 years old. It was about 60 years a farm with cows. horses,...


WWOOF Netherlands 0167

Putten, Netherlands

We love our quiet and peaceful farm. It is reasonably small (approx. 9 acre) and not a commercial farm. We run...


WWOOF Netherlands 0025

VUGHT, Netherlands

The estate Bleijendijk is in a special process of transition. Therefore at the moment, we do not have the time...


WWOOF Netherlands 0115

Dalfsen, Netherlands

--->>> Urgent help wanted for the build up of The Living Village Festival--->>> From now until the 26th of M...


WWOOF Netherlands 0058

Doezum, Netherlands

With 3 acres of soil and a vegetablegarden with rare domestic animalkinds, we do have a small hobbyfarm next t...


WWOOF Netherlands 0001

7391 MH, Netherlands

We are an agricultural and food centre for Local Economy with 32 acres of land, including a farm in which we g...


WWOOF Netherlands 0063

Kollumerzwaag, Netherlands

At our farm we provide learning opportunities for people with a mental disability. We have horses, vegetable g...


WWOOF Netherlands 0155

Lelystad, Netherlands

We have a nice small vineyard 60 km east from Amsterdam. We consider our vineyard as organic-plus as we only a...


WWOOF Netherlands 0077

Raalte, Netherlands

we have an organic dairy farm with 45 cows, a cheese factory and a farm shop.


WWOOF Netherlands 0074

Haulerwijk, Netherlands

Organic Orchard


WWOOF Netherlands 0070

Haaren, Netherlands

in our 2 ha farm we grow a large variety of organic vegetables and fruits that we sell on the farmers market a...


WWOOF Netherlands 0045

HENGELO GLD, Netherlands

Woonerf Luscinia a a living and working care project in the outdoor area at Hengelo (Gld, Netherlands), with a...


WWOOF Netherlands 0206

De Punt, Netherlands

Creation of a permaculture forest by using perennial plants, trees and bushes.


WWOOF Netherlands 0135

Dalfsen, Netherlands

Organic vegetable (big diversity of vegetables) production in Dalfsen. We sell the vegetables on 3 market days...


WWOOF Netherlands 0229

Wittelte , Netherlands

biodynamic farming with the farm also serving as a retreat


WWOOF Netherlands 0059

Tegelen, Netherlands

Community in a former Trappist monastery, Emmaus, opportunities for new (eco-building) initiatives, farming an...


WWOOF Netherlands 0044

Lageland, Netherlands

When I was traveling through Australia and Africa I did WWOOFing myself and I loved it. So now I have my own l...


WWOOF Netherlands 0055


The Knotwilg is an organic market garden in Zuidoostbeemster since 1980. The bulk of the work falls in the per...