How do I start?

Are you interested in becoming a WWOOF the Netherlands member? Ready to help the host and learn about alternative and ecological lifestyles? Alright, first thing to do then is to sign up! 

If you read about a farm you would like to visit you will need to enrol as a volunteer to access the contact details for that farm. To do this return to the home page and look for the link that says "Sign up" and follow the instructions.

It is then your responsibility to make direct contact with a host farm of your choice to arrange a mutually convenient time for your visit.

It is possible that your host of preference isn't available to go WWOOFing. Luckily there are more hosts, so make sure you have several hosts of interest. 

Make sure things are clear between you and the host. When do you arrive exactly? How do you reach the host? What is expected from you, and what do you expect from your host? Most problems arise when there's too little communication between you and the host. 

What kind of VISA do I need?

It depends on your nationality if and what kind of visa you need. This is something you need to arrange yourself. Make sure you have the right visa! Check the website of the government here.

Do I need Insurance?

Yes, you need to have a health- and a liability insurance in the Netherlands. A travel insurance is recommended. For EU inhabitants: your national health insurance will mostly cover some of the basic medical care abroad.

Check your insurance coverage before you go WWOOFing!

A liability insurance is mandatory in the Netherlands and mandatory if you go WWOOFing. We recommend a travel insurance, which would cover theft, illness etc. Please do your own research. You may want to check out the cover Worldnomads offers for travelers.

How old do I have to be to go WWOOFing?

WWOOF the Netherlands requires you to be 18 years old. Your other option may be to travel with someone that can act as your legal guardian and take responsibility for you while you are on a host farm, but you have to talk to your host about this. 

How much will it cost to go WWOOFing?

A year membership of WWOOF the Netherlands costs you €20. Besides this you'll have to pay:

  • All travel expenses including, travel costs to the Netherlands and travel to/from between host farms

  • Accommodation en route

  • Insurance

  • Toiletries/medicines

  • Mobile phone/internet access

  • Day trips/treats

If you don't already have sturdy working boots and a sleeping bag it is also advisable to purchase these (though many farmers may have proper beds and linen for you..).

For How long can I stay on a WWOOF farm?

Normally the length of stay on a farm is decided between you and your host. There is no standard period. It can be anything from a few days to a few months. It all depends on what you both want. While some hosts like long stays others prefer short stays. Some ask for a few weeks trial before accepting people for longer stays.

Can I go WWOOFing with my children?

Some farms are very happy to welcome people with children others are not. For farms that already have children it is often a pleasure to have other children around.

For getting the perspective of others that WWOOF with children there are several articles:

I want to volunteer in several different countries. Is there an international membership?

WWOOF is structured on a national level. While there are many WWOOF organisations around the world there is no central list or organisation. You need to join WWOOF in each of the countries you intend to visit. There is no International WWOOF membership. We are a network of WWOOF nations!

It is possible to stay with WWOOF hosts in countries that do not, as yet, have their own national WWOOF organisation, full details at www.wwoofindependents.orgSubscribing to these lists will enable you to visit farms in more than one country – though not necessarily the ones you want!

What kind of security checks are done on hosts?

WWOOF the Netherlands starts with already quite a few hosts. Our aim is to visit all of this hosts, to get to know them. We've written a sort of contract for our hosts to sign, so we know intentions are good. 

However, we ask volunteers as well to tell us about experiences, as we all might learn from that. 

In general - when arranging to visit a WWOOF host you must take all the precautions you would take when visiting someone you do not know.

Some countries have a feedback or reference system.

If we receive a complaint about a host, it is investigated. If the complaint is upheld they are removed from our lists and cannot join again. This applies to volunteers too!

How do I find a farm that specialises in winemaking/pig rearing/cheese making/permaculture?

When previewing or searching through the host list you can type in a keyword in the search-bar e.g. bees, vegan, children etc. or you can refine your research by using the “Filter by availability” function.

Please note that there is no guarantee that the host you are interested in will be available at the time you want to volunteer.

Am I too old to go WWOOFing?

Providing you are fit and able to endure a medium physical strain for 4-6 hours per day - there is no upper age limit for WWOOFing. Many farmers welcome the maturity older WWOOFers bring. We would however recommend that you tell your host in advance about any physical limitation you may have.

For more information check out ‘Will my age be an issue